Launching Xano Cohort Program

Launching Xano Cohort Program

Hi Everyone,

This newsletter will be a little different from the ones before. In this edition, I'm excited to launch the Xano Cohort program, which I will be running. The program will start on May 6th for 6 weeks.

Why I am starting this:

Whenever I talk to people about Xano, the first thing they mention is the scarcity of content that focuses on building with Xano, as opposed to merely listing its features, similar to the wealth of tutorials available for Bubble. So, I thought, why not solve this problem?

In February, I ran the first batch with six participants, and all of them found it quite useful. Two out of six actually migrated their live Bubble apps to Xano and were happy about the switch. Two participants are exploring freelancing gigs, and the remaining two are building software using Xano. Therefore, I thought, let's scale this up a bit this time (for the current batch, I am opening 15 seats).

Why a cohort, not a course?

I want to engage with people who have the time to commit. Xano has a steep learning curve, so I'm looking for participants who can dedicate at least 7-10 hours a week to practice actively. This is something I cannot ensure if I merely offered a course. In the past, when I taught Bubble plugin building, it was unclear who actually built any plugins using my course. Consequently, the course became a black box, with no feedback loop. People would buy it and hardly watch it, let alone build anything.

Who is this cohort for?

  • Those who know a frontend programming language and want to become full-stack developers.

  • Those who have built products on and want to migrate their backend to Xano.

  • No-code freelancers who want to learn new skills.

What will be the final outcome?

  • Learn how to build a scalable backend using Xano.

  • Learn to design efficient database structures.

  • You will complete the program with two projects.

  • Live QA sessions each week along with discord group.

Let me know if you are interested or someone in your circle interested.

For more details, check out here

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