Handling Lists within Bubble Plugin Editor

Handling Lists within Bubble Plugin Editor

If you have ever attempted to work with the custom object list in the Bubble plugin editor, you know it has become a nightmare to manage. Not anymore.

So let's assume you are building the plugin that consists of client-side element and you are passing "anything with list" as the input.

Now, experiment with the input data in the plugin editor.

var length_data = properties.anything_data.length(); //lenght of input list

    var properties_data = properties.anything_data.get(0, length_data); //input data list

    console.log("Length", length_data);

    console.log("All data", properties_data);

    //looping over list
    for (let idx=0; idx < length_data; idx++){
            //get the one item at time
                let list_item = properties_data[idx];
             //this will list all the column of the given data type as the json array              
               console.log("list properties", list_item.listProperties());

              for(let prop=0; prop<list_item.listProperties().length; prop++){

                 //column name along with type , for ex- coulumn_name_type     
                 console.log("key:", list_item.listProperties()[prop]);  //event_name_text - event_name is the column name and text is the type
                 //its value
                 console.log("value:", list_item.get(list_item.listProperties()[prop]));



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