JavaScript Library CDN: Fast and Efficient Distribution

JavaScript Library CDN: Fast and Efficient Distribution

When you load a library on the client side in the Bubble plugin editor, that library is either hosted externally or on Bubble's server.

For example, if you refer to the image above, the RecordRTC library is hosted on the WebRTC server, but not all libraries are hosted on their own servers, especially open-source ones.

However, most of these libraries are hosted on CDNs (Content Delivery Networks). CDNs are file-hosting services that provide multiple versions of common libraries. They typically offer high-performance and location-cached files, ensuring that your users receive the files from geographically close locations, regardless of where they are.

Therefore, if you need any library, it is better to use these CDNs rather than uploading it to your own Bubble server.

Here are some prominent CDNs for JavaScript libraries:

- CDNJS - JSDelivr - Unpkg

Visit these CDNs and search for the library you need. You will find the URL for that library, which you can use in the plugin editor to load the library on the client side.

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